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IMA Electronic Media provides web design, web site development, web site optimisation and web hosting services to companies in the Manchester area. We have over 21 years experience in delivering striking web designs and hard-working web sites to clients operating in a variety of business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.

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IMA Electronic Media has been built around the presentation and management of information via the Internet, and website design remains the cornerstone of our business. Over the last 21 years we have been pleased to design and build sites for business-to-business and consumer audiences covering the automotive, sports, leisure, travel, grocery, wholesale, financial, construction, DIY, recruitment, farming, drinks and publishing sectors (to name just a few).

Having developed our business within a full-service marketing environment, we strive to differentiate ourselves from other website design agencies through our understanding of clients' business objectives and the role of online investment within clients' broader marketing plans.

Every member of the team is capable of independently designing and building a website that is fully compliant with current standards and browser platforms. In practice, we each specialise in individual areas (or technologies) and combine to deliver the most appropriate solution in each instance. Collectively we are able to offer over 50 years' experience in website planning, production and promotion.

We take great pride in the sites that we produce and ensure that we are always able to offer our clients maximum flexibility in the way that their sites look and function. To this end, we write all code in-house and use basic text editing software, avoiding off-the-shelf packages that will ultimately restrict our ability to meet specific client requirements. This approach is maintained across our development of bespoke Content Management Systems (CMS) and E-Commerce systems.

The collection or presentation of data is now a key component of most web development projects - it is very rare that we complete a design blueprint without involving one or more database applications. This is an area in which we are able to offer specialist advice and a significant depth of experience.

We are also fully versed in two of the "invisible" and fastest developing arts - the structural application of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and website optimisation (WSO) for indexing by search engines.

In its early stages, CSS provided a convenient method of managing the presentation of website content (fonts, colours etc) using a central style library. However, CSS now offers advanced structural and positional control, capable of managing not only the style, but also the layout of website content. Where CSS is employed to its full potential, we are able to give clients the website that they want "today", and dramatically reduce future re-design costs where the same (or similar) content is being applied. CSS also plays an important role in our development of "white label" sites (where client content or data is being presented under the name of a 3rd party or affiliate), enabling us to re-package the same data/content within a totally different structure and design.

Clients understand the significance of search engines when it comes to website creation and management. We offer website optimisation (WSO) and search engine optimisation (SEO) services. Click here (or use the SEO link, above) to learn how we differentiate these two search-related activities and more about the service that we offer.

The number of hits, the number of visitors, cutting edge design and the latest technology are all worthless if a website fails to meet the expectations of the target audience. Ultimately, the only meaningful measure of success will be a site's efficiency in initiating or supporting a profitable relationship with this audience. The rest is trivia.
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  • Complete design, build, SEO and hosting service
  • 100% bespoke solutions
  • All code written in-house
  • Range of technologies - HTML/DHTML, ASP, .NET, VB, XML, JavaScript, Ajax, Flash,
  • Proven experience in developing customised web-based applications for e-commerce, data collection, data distribution etc.
  • Extensive use of CSS to maximise flexibility and minimise re-design costs
  • Firm focus on business objectives and tangible returns


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