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Do your potential customers have as much chance of finding your site as the proverbial needle in the haystack? IMA Electronic Media can help, with a range of web site optimisation and search engine optimisation services.

Search Engine Optimisation, Knutsford

We are able to provide website optimisation and search engine optimisation services to help companies in the Knutsford area compete commercially across the Internet. Everything required to ensure that your site is visible to the people that matter - and not just those in Knutsford!

We approach "search technologies" on two fronts.

Firstly, there is web site optimisation (WSO). This focuses on intrinsic aspects and involves making sure that page titles and META tags are correctly populated, that pages are structured correctly and that every opportunity to enhance the search 'hooks' has been taken. Keyword density, image alt tags and the number/quality of outgoing links are also analysed. Where required, additional pages are added to the site to improve search engine performance without stepping into the realms of 'spoofing', which is now carefully - and cleverly - monitored by the major players such as Google.

In short, WSO involves everything that can be done to enhance the website's search performance as a result of its content. Specifically (at least for the time being) in relation to the criteria and algorithms published by Google, but also to meet the specifications laid down by other leading engines.

We offer website optimisation, and we're good at it.

Secondly, there is search engine optimisation (SEO). This phrase is typically used to cover all search-related services. However, we use it to refer only to those activities that improve site rankings by virtue of the manner (and frequency) with which the site is submitted to (or indexed with) the engines, and by fostering links to the site from appropriate 3rd parties and "links lists".

We are able to manage the initial submission processes, and offer advice on external factors that will affect site rankings, but we don't put ourselves forward as "search engineers".

We have enjoyed mixed fortunes working alongside independent SEO specialists on client projects in the past. On more than one occasion, the SEO company took our code away to "be optimised" and returned it untouched. Then invoiced the client and disappeared into the sunset. Other SEOs have taught us some neat tricks, but failed to deliver any material improvement in ranking for the client. And a cherished few managed to back their promises with results.

Our position on search engine requirements is that (i) the site must be optimised to stand a realistic chance of a valued ranking and (ii) SEO services often do improve rankings, however these can be short term and, in our experience, the costs can outweigh the benefits.

Doubtless, there are numerous professional and successful SEO companies out there, that represent real value for money.

Search Engineering is not a new phenomenon. We were approached as early as 1996 (when Alta Vista was in its prime) by an enthusiastic "search specialist" who was willing to give us a guarantee that he could position IMA in the top 10 results for searches on "Advertising Agency, Manchester".

We were impressed, but a little wary, so we queried his self-confidence. It turned out that he was a specialist not only in improving search engine rankings, but had also developed a niche market within Manchester-based advertising agencies.

"So you've promised and delivered top 10 positions for other agencies in Manchester?", we continued. "Yes", he replied proudly. "How many?", we asked. "About two dozen" . . . . . .



  • Optimisation of instrinsic search factors - those related to website content
  • Modifications and additions to site content to improve search engine performance
  • Submission to major search engines and advice on external factors that will affect ranking
  • Regular reviews of site ranking/performance
  • Experience of working alongside SEO specialists on client projects

Some Searches

Some Google searches for client sites where we have been solely responsible for WSO/SEO:

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