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E-Mail and Customer Relationship Campaigns

We are able to offer a range of email-based services to clients, either in connection with customer data collected via their websites or as independent projects.

Where websites are supported by Content Management Systems, these will typically include screens that collect, store and classify data from visitors or customers. We are registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner's Office and advise clients on the rules that they must follow when obtaining personal details for transaction and marketing purposes (under the Data Protection Act 1998). If we are satisfied that customer data has been obtained (collected or purchased) in the correct manner, then we are able to provide bulk mailing services (direct from the database) using specially prepared artwork or using pre-defined templates with data hooks. The latter is especially popular with clients that prepare and mail regular newsletters to their customer base.

Other mail/relationship programmes are automated and time-based - selecting recipients based on the last time they visited the website, the last time that they placed an order, their customer's birthday etc., and tailoring message design/content to the relevant 'occasion' or anniversary.

We also have experience in managing hybrid print/email campaigns, where traditional direct mail and email programmes are operated in tandem. Using unique codes on either individual print items or for each client promotion, we can also monitor response and/or redemption via the website.

Working with a leading recruitment specialist, we have been responsible for designing mail profiling systems, where candidates identify their skill sets, the region in which they would like to work, the expeceted salary range etc. and the frequency with which they would like to receive email alerts (immediately, once a day, once a week). As new job opportunities are added to the website, registered users are mailed with details of appropriate vacancies, either as single job alerts or a compiled list of opportunities (subject to their preference).

In the extranet arena, mail management takes a different form. Here, we define groups of users that will receive specific mail updates on a regular basis, and run processes at agreed dates/times to generate personalised emails. For example, within an extranet that manages the installation of branded point-of-sale units, mails are issued at the end of each week to the representative(s) for each brand. The content of these emails - a tabulated report of outstanding requirements and issues in Excel format - is filtered so that each user only receives details relating to their brand. This provides a reliable and time-saving alternative to manually issuing spreadsheets or relying on brand representatives to login to the extranet and run the report themselves.



  • Online systems to collect, collate and manage customer email addresses
  • Bulk mailing facilities
  • Intelligent mail engines - profile mail output subject to any criteria within your customer data set
  • Work with offline direct mail programmes and promotions to monitor and analyse online response and redemption
  • Automated mail managers, for profiled data distribution within extranet and intranet systems
  • Set-up and management of e-mail facilities for domain owners
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