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Our most significant areas of development in recent years have been the design, build and management of corporate extranet systems, intranet systems and other bespoke web applications. Here, we are asked to produce browser-based business management tools to meet a broad variety of client requirements, including stock management systems, call centre and telesales management systems, logistics and personnel management systems and financial forecasting tools.

Due to the nature of these corporate systems, we are not able to include screen grabs or details of content on this website. We focus instead on different types of projects that we are involved in and some of the functions that we incorporate into these closed facilities. We do have agreement from selected clients to showcase certain projects in a presentation environment and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the full scope in these areas face-to-face.

The systems that we develop are used for a variety of applications. In every instance, functionality has been defined by the client and the systems have been developed as bespoke. These include:

  • Telesales (Call Centre) management, order forecasting and order processing (call scheduling, stock and sales based prioritisation of calls; order prediction based on stock and sales history of individual products at outlet level; full suite of call and sales performance reports; links to SAP warehouse systems)
  • Full stock management systems (orders; despatches; deliveries; transfers; stock picking and returns; inventory management etc)
  • Personnel management systems (recruitment; applications and interview processes; assignments; transgressions etc)
  • POS Installation and Merchandising management (job scheduling; stock requirements; stock availability; stock picking; personnel availability; visit reporting; store inventory etc)
  • Retail Auditing and Field Sales management (management of visit cycles; dynamic reporting tools; record and report stock and sales data etc)
  • Financial Forecasting (multi-currency system; manages business forecasts from group companies around the world; aggregated reporting against selected exchange rates; compare monthly historic snapshots to identify movements and trends)
  • Communication and Business Management (browser-based delivery of business documents, notices and forms to branch network; ordering of business stationery, workwear etc; linked to consumer website to manage online service bookings; tracking of individual branch usage to ensure compliance re safety notices etc)
  • Specialist Reporting Systems (i.e. dynamic generation of paginated PDF documents from data and images submitted from various sources via a central online interface)

We have worked independently from client projects to develop a generic platform that is used to manage the indexing and navigation of content within our extranets and intranets. By employing this platform, we are able to reduce lead-times and present clients with a proven sub-system that provides complete control over user access rights, and generates system menus and navigation links subject to individual user permissions. This platform has now been successfully used in over two dozen client applications.

Extranet and Intranet systems rely heavily on the collation, processing and presentation of data. In one application - where we are working with a major operator in the gaming industry - we are processing more than three million records per day. Within our cluster of web servers we have machines dedicated to hosting SQL databases (our chosen database platform) for optimum performance. In some instances, Web Services are also employed to transfer real-time data from our servers to clients' internal business systems for analysis and reporting.

If you have any applications that you think may benefit from a centralised system for data collection and processing, asset tracking, knowledge distribution, inventory management of simply improved communication, then we would love to show you what we can offer - please get in touch.



  • Proprietary page management system with access control for secure login
  • Clients manage user profiles to control access to individual screens
  • User identities are used to filter the data that individual users can see
  • Integration with offline reporting tools
  • Dedicated screens for data management and reporting via mobile and Blackberry devices
  • Real-time submission of photography via email and MMS from mobile devices
  • Complex data processing and reporting capabilities
  • Integration with existing legacy systems, software packages and enterprise-wide systems such as SAP


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