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Do your trading ambitions extend beyond the boundaries of Wilmslow? IMA Electronic Media is able to design, develop and maintain bespoke eCommerce, online shopping and online transaction systems to your specification.

Wikipedia defines e-commerce as "the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks". Under this definition, the majority of our projects involve some degree of e-commmerce - from order placement within a network of pre-defined suppliers (extranet) to internal ordering systems for business stationery and equipment (intranet) and consumer shopping carts for tyres, holidays, car hire, merchandise and speciality beers (web).

The focus that we place on database platforms (for generating and managing website content) generally makes it quick and easy for e-commerce applications to be added to site functionality. This can be via the introduction of simple 'shopping carts' for product selection or more complex solutions when dealing with registered customers or trade accounts where product availability, product pricing, currency etc vary subject to each customer's identity, location or account status.

Through previous client projects, we have experience in the integration of secure 3rd party transaction systems (such as WorldPay and EPDQ) for online payments. We are pleased to provide clients with advice on the most appropriate choice of merchant when implementing e-commerce systems.

In keeping with our approach to website design and CMS solutions, everything that we offer to support e-commerce is bespoke. This includes the administration interfaces that we provide for clients to manage product details, inventory, orders, fulfillment and customer accounts. In fact, we're pretty bullish about our e-commerce capabilities - we've never failed to meet client requirements for online trading facilities and we are confident that we can handle any e-commerce application that we are presented with.

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  • Bespoke solutions for all e-commerce requirements
  • E-Commerce components build on the database platforms that underpin client websites
  • Experience in a range of embedded and satellite 3rd party payment systems
  • Option to integrate online sales with popular back-office systems such as Sage
Losing your trolley looking for the right ecommerce solution? You don't have to look far from Wilmslow. Give IMA Electronic Media a call
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