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We are designers and developers of websites, corporate intranets, extranets, bespoke content management systems and e-commerce systems.

IMA Electronic Media is a website design and intranet/extranet development specialist based in Bramhall, near Stockport, South Manchester.

With roots in the advertising and marketing consultancy sector, the company was founded in 1996 and has subsequently evolved from "design online" into an online specialist offering experience in a broad range of web technologies.

Since 2002 we have focussed on the design and development of intranet, extranet, bespoke content management systems and e-commerce systems, which now represent a significant element of our business.

We service a portfolio of clients across the UK that range from single-site retail operations to a gaming network with over 30,000 outlets.

Have a look around the site and see what we have to offer. If you think that we can help take your business forward - or possibly start something new - then please get in touch.

  More than just a 'website design company'. We want to know why you are choosing to invest in website development, intranet or extranet development, so that we can deliver the most appropriate, flexible and efficient solution.

Have you ever considered why you go online? Or which sites you visit? Typically its those sites that will save you time, save you money, tell you something you didn't already know, or simply entertain you. And the faster you can find it, click it, read it, buy it, book it, the better. Right?

When we're designing websites, extranets or intranets, we sit ourselves alongside your potential customers, suppliers or readers and apply the same criteria. So we want to know why? Why would I want to visit the site? Why would I want to buy from the site? Why cycle the company logo through the colours of the rainbow while playing La Marseillaise?

One question, Why? We just ask it a number of times.

Then we expect some questions from you; like How? When? and How Much? And we've got answers that you'll be pleased to hear.

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